Atmosphere structure:- Composition of atmosphere

Atmosphere structure & composition: Before we jump to its structure we should know about What is our atmosphere? Atmosphere means atmos= Steam,vapour and spharia= sphere. It is a gaseous blanket surrounded by our earth from all the sides and is attached to the earth’s surface by gravitational force. About 5.8 billion tonnes of thick transparent air surrounds. It sustains life on earth and saves living organisms.

It extends upto height of 1600 km from earth surface. Besides gases and water vapour atmosphere also has Solid/Dust particles. The blue colour of the sky is due to selective scattering of dust particles.Dust particles are an important factor in the form of clouds,fog.

What are the Atmosphere structure and it’s characteristics?

Atmosphere Structure and Composition

On the basis of characteristics of temperature and air pressure the Atmosphere can be divided into five layers.

  • Troposphere.
  • Stratosphere.
  • Mesosphere.
  • Thermosphere.
  • Exosphere.


The lowest layer of the Atmosphere known as troposphere.

It contains 90% of gases.

The altitude of troposphere is 8km at pole and 16 km at equator.

The temperature decreases with increases height at the rate of 6.5C/Km.

It is the most active zone of atmosphere.


Stratosphere lies above tropopause.

The upper limit of the stratosphere is upto 50km.

It is free from violent weather changes.

Troposphere and stratosphere from 99.9% mass of atmosphere.


It exists above the stratosphere and directly below the mesopause.

It extends up to height of 80 km above the earth.

In the upper part of the mesosphere oxygen exist in its atomic form.


This layer is located between 80km and 400km.

In this layer temperature rise up to 2000℃.

Ionosphere is ionized region that includes thermosphere,part of mesosphere and exosphere.


It is the upper most layer of the Atmosphere extending beyond the thermosphere.

Temperature increases through the layer.

The density of gases is extremely low.

It contains most of the satellites orbiting the earth.

What are the composition of atmosphere with % by volume.

Composition of atmosphere

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Major Components



Water vapour:-0.1 to 5.0

Minor components

Argon:- 0.934

Carbon dioxide:- 0.035

Trace components

◆Neon:- 0.0018

◆Helium:- 0.00052

◆Methane:- 0.00017

◆Hydrogen:- 0.000053

◆Nitrous oxide:- 0.00003

Conclusion of Atmosphere Structure

Through the blog you know about what all about Atmosphere structure is with the composition of atmosphere. It plays an important role in our earth surface. Environment is sum of all factors that affect life of an organisms.




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