Baisakhi celebrations:- Why do we celebrate baisakhi

Baisakhi celebrations :-The word baisakhi is also called it as vaisakhi. It is the most popular festival in india especially punjab. It held every year in the months of April and may. Baisakhi is a famous festival of punjab and is celebrated with lots of love, enticement and happiness. It happens on lucky day when the tenth guru of the sikhs founded in the khalsa pant cult. It is around 300 years back. The time of the festival mostly falls on April 14 or April 14 as per indian calendar. Baisakhi is celebrated with great vitality.

People also take part in different programmes. Also delicious food items and sweets cooked and eaten during the festival. All the family member have dinner together and enjoy themselves.

Importance of baisakhi celebrations?Why do we celebrate baisakhi?

People in punjab have family dinner together and enjoy themselves with so much love, excitement. People performing folk dance of the punjab. I.e punjab-bangra.

Women also take part in dance performances. Popular form of enjoyment is Gidda dance, which is played along with music.

Men and women of different ages decorate themselves with beautiful clothes and traditional jewellery.

People celebrate baisakhi all over punjab by going Gurudwaras and distributing ‘prasad’ among family members, friends and relatives.

During Baisakhi all offices, educational institutions and business houses remain closed.

Friends, family, relatives exchanged gifts with lot of wishes between themselves.

Shops also give heavy discount on products or items. People take part in the baisakhi celebrations and enjoy to the fullest.

Top 10 traditional Baisakhi celebrations foods:-

Chole Bhature.

Tandoori Chicken.

Achari Mutton.

Chicken saagwala.

Pindi Chana.


Makkey ki roti.

Naan Chole.

Punjabi Kadhi and Chawal.


Conclusion of Baisakhi celebrations:-

Baisakhi celebrations begin yippee!! Baisakhi come with a lot of joy, happiness, excitement. It begin with some delicious food and family members have dinner together and enjoy themselves. It is to be said that Baisakhi is a festival where punjabi people perform Gidda dance with some traditional music. For more festivals info go to through link:-


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