BALANCED DIET: Meaning of balanced diet with their divisions and its functions

Balanced Diet First of all i’ll tell you that books play a vital role in our life.Books are so amazing as open up a new world to both kids and adults, spark our imagination and gives inspiration to us. WHY books are so wonderful as they encouraging healthy eating habits in students and children.

There is a boy jonny who only eats mangoes and nothing else so his mother told him the importance of balanced diet.Let’s see what she told his son about balanced diet.

As we all know FOOD is the basic requirement of every individual to fulfil the energy needs and to meet the development of the body. The food which we eat is know as “DIET”. The energetic food in our diet consists of various types of essential chemicals for our body known as “NUTRITION”.

Balanced Diet:

Diet is the daily intake of food by human body. It provides energy for workout along with growth and development of body. Human beings take different types of food in their diet; it may be liquid food or solid (hard) food. These things which we eat give energy to our body for performing work in a proper way. Our body grows, develops and functions properly with the help of macro and micronutrients in the food. The food contains  various types of nutrients in it.

MACRONUTRIENTS: These are required in a large proportion in our diet like carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

MICRONUTRIENTS: These are required in small proportion in our diet like vitamins and minerals. They are considered as supplement food.

Balanced diet:Divided into three parts:

  • ENERGY YIELDING FOOD: It consists of carbohydrates and fats food (micronutrients) items.
  • BODYBUILDING FOOD: It consists of proteins. It helps in growth and development of body.
  • DEFENSIVE FOOD: It consists of vitamins, minerals and water(micronutrients).


  1. Sufficient energy
  2. Optimum growth and development
  3. Proper functioning of organs.
  4. Faster recovery.
  5. Efficient immune system.
  6. Improves health status.
  7. Improves metabolism.
  8. Prevents deficiency diseases

Diet which contains all nutrients in correct proportion for efficient working of body.

I guess this content will help you to understand the concept of “BALANCED DIET”.




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