DIETING MYTHS- Top 8 common food myths & facts happening in our surroundings


Dieting Myths: No doubt, FOOD is the basic requirement of every individual. It provides energy for workout along with growth and development of body.Did you know? There are infinite myths about food and nutrition in which people blindly trusted.  So we don’t want you fall in such common untruth. We show you the clear image of such myths:

Dieting Myths:Top 8 Dieting Myths

● MYTH:- Low fat or no- fat diet is good for you.

FACT:- Leading dieticians believes that low fat diet losses weight but there’s no need to follow fat- free diet. Body needs fats for energy, tissue repair and to transport vitamins A , D , E and k in body.

● MYTH:- Crash dieting or fasting makes you loose weight.

FACT:- This may be true in short term but ultimately it can hinder weight loss. Loosing weight over the long term burns off fats whereas crush dieting or fasting, not only removes fat but also leans muscles or tissues. Thus, body takes lot of fats when taking in diet.

●MYTH:- Food eaten late night is more fattening.

FACT:- Studies revealed that large meals eaten late night did not make much change, i.e., to store more fat. It is revealed that people who skip meals during day, eat lot in evening and more likely to gain overweight than those who eat regularly throughout the day.

● MYTH:- Slow metabolism prevents weight loss.

FACT:- Studies prove that resting metabolism is directly related to the body weight whereas metabolism rate increases with high physical activity.

● MYTH:- Low fat milk has less calcium than full fat milk.

FACT:- Skimmed and semi- skimmed milk actually have more calcium because calcium is in watery part and not in creamy part of milk.

● MYTH:- Vegetarian cannot build muscles.

FACT:- Vegetarian can be as muscular as meat eaten by getting their proteins from vegetables sources such as cheese, nuts,  pulses, and grains. Excess of proteins causes overload of kidney and may cause health problems.

● MYTH:- Healthy food is expensive.

FACT:- Tinned , stored, packed or off seasonal food is expensive whereas local and seasonal food is inexpensive and cheap amd easily available; moreover,  it is more nutritious.

● MYTH:- Only overweight persons need exercises.

●FACT:- Many people think that exercises help to lose weight and they do not need to lose weight whereas exercises  help to keep us healthy, moreover, it manages stresses of life and develops socialization.

Dieting Myths: – These are the basic dieting myths which we have to understand.

I hope this content will help you to come out from such untruthful things happening in our surroundings.

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