FOOD CHAIN FOOD WEB in Ecosystem-Diagrams & Examples

Food Chain Food Web plays an important role in nature to balance our ecology. In nature, many food chains are interlinked to form a food web.

All living and non-livings things surrounding us from our Environment. Living things like plants,animals and microorganisms are biotic components of the environment. The non-living things like air,water and soil are abiotic components of the environment.

Thus, the environment comprises both, biotic and abiotic components. The biotic components (living things) depend on each other and on the abiotic components (non-living things) for survival.

Meaning of Food Chain Food Web with examples and diagrams

Meaning of Food Chain:- It is clear that plants and animals depend on each other for survival. The interdependence between plants and animals can be understood by observing how food passes from one organism to another in a food chain.

All the food chains, start with green plants that are called producers. Plants are eaten directly by the herbivores. therefore, they are called the primary consumers. Carnivores indirectly use the food made by the plants when they eat the herbivores. Thus, are called the secondary consumers.

When plants and animals die, they are broken down into simpler substances by the action of bacteria and fungi which are called the decomposers.

Food Chain Examples with Diagrams:-

Food Web Meaning

The combination of many food chains is known as Food web. Food web represents feeding relationships. within a community. Through the feeding relationships, energy captured by plants/primary producers are able to pass up to herbivores, then carnivores.

Significance of Food chain Food web

  • It maintains the ecological balance.

  • feeding relation among organisms.

  • Energy flows and nutrient cycle.

  • Alternate source of food.

Food web examples with Diagrams

Feeding Habits of Animals

The feeding habits varies from animal to animal. Feeding habits of the animals may depend upon the type of food available and the type of mouth parts they have.


Herbivores are the animals that eat only plants and have sharp front teeth to cut or bite the leaves of plants. They have large flat back teeth to grind the food.

Animals like giraffe, eat leaves and fruits of trees.

Animals like goat and deer eat grass and shrubs growing on the ground. Such animals are called grazers.


Carnivores are the animals that only eat flesh and have very sharp and pointed front teeth to tear the food and strong back teeth to chew flesh and bones.

Lions and tigers kill their prey to eat. They are called Hunters.


Animals that eat both plants and flesh are called Omnivores.

Some examples of omnivores are human beings, bears, monkey, and crows.


Food Chain Food web is most important through this article i hope you definately gets the idea that how its important for our environment or ecological balance.

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