[Best Storytale] Forgetting By Robert lynd:- Summary,Causes,Essay

Forgetting by Robert lynd:- Robert lynd is a very humorous and delightful essayist. His essays are simple, playful, humorous. His writing styles is elegant and charming. In his essay “Forgetting”, Robert lynd writes about the root causes of forgetting and also explains what items are usually forgotten by people. Robert lynd says that he is amazed by the efficiency of human memory.

Summary of Forgetting by Robert lynd with bad memories

Summary of Forgetting by Robert lynd
Robert lynd is a humorous writer and deals with a ordinary matters.

First he deals with the things which human beings don’t forget in their life. He remembers the telephone numbers, appointment for lunch and dinner, addresses of his friends. He always remembers the names of actor’s, actresses,cricketers, footballers, and murderers.

No man forgets even a single item in his clothing while dressing in the morning. No one forgets to shut the front door while leaving the house.

In other cases, he deals with some matters where people always forgets to remember like medicine, posting letters, and carrying back all the things after a journey, men seems to be forgetful.

Among the articles left in train and taxis, book, walking sticks and umbrellas are very common. Writer Robert lynd, found that the young people forget more than the older ones.

The sportsmen and and anglers have worse memories or bad experiences of forgetting than the ordinary minded people.

Great writers and composers of music usually have excellent memory.

Summary of Forgetting by Robert lynd
The author concludes his essay by giving such a funny example of a husband who took his baby in a pram. He left the pram outside to have drink in a public house on the way. Meanwhile his wife came that way for shopping and took away the baby with a pram.

She expected that her husband came with a pale face and explain the baby’s disappearance. To her shock her husband ask for lunch. He had forgotten that he had taken the baby with him. The author concludes that the ordinary men are surely above such level of absent-mindedness.

Forgetting By Robert lynd

Forgetting by Robert lynd question and answers-

Q.What is the commonest form of forgetfulness referred to by lynd?

Ans:- According to Robert lynd, the commonest form of forgetfulness is in posting letters. Many people forget to post letters.

Q.List the objects that most men remember?

Ans:- telephone number.

Address of his friends and relatives.


Hour of going to sleep.

Name of actor’s, actresses and sportsmen.

Q.Why does the writer feel that it should be easy for most people to remember to take their medicines?

Ans:- The writer feels that it should be easy for most people to remember to take their medicine because these medicine are invariably taken with, before or after the meal which should serve as a reminder of the time when it is to be taken or swallowed.

Q.What does the list speak of the travellers?

Ans:- The list of articles lost by the railway suggests and speak volumes about their memory.

Conclusion of Forgetting by Robert lynd:-Causes

Robert lynd style is easy, graceful and lively. His language is very beautiful. Thus, lynd’s style is elegant. Thus Robert lynd is a very great essayist. His contribution to the modern English prose is memorable. In his essay, he deals with the people who don’t forget and second deals with a people forgets.

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