Fundamental tools of Communication English Skills

Acquaint Students To The Fundamental Tools of Communication English

All the living beings communicate through sounds,gestures, or language. For human beings language is the vehicle used for communication. Body language, postures, gestures also convey emotions and thoughts. We can divide the fundamental tools of communication english in two groups:-

Tools of Communication

A) Non-Verbal

◆Signs, symbols,


◆Postures & gestures

◆Body language

◆Face expression


B) Verbal


◆Mass Media/ Print Media

◆Electronic Media:

◆T.v., Radio, phone, Fax, Internet,

◆E-mail , Blog

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Fundamental tools of communication english Skills

A)Non-Verbal Communication

It is the First Fundamental tools of communication english  Signs, symbols and pictures have been used to convey ideas Since ages . In olden times in Egypt , painted pictures on coffins of mummies , signs and symbols were used as a language , and the same have decoded also by the researchers .

Postures and gestures are also tools of non – Verbal communication . A pull of hand means ‘come’ , nod means yes ‘ , shaking head sideways means ‘ no ‘ . Similarly various postures , gestures and body language Convey , lethargy , disinterested dislike , promptness and readiness . A SCOwl on the face , Pulled down eve – bro express dislike , anger and hate .

A Sneer is a clear signal for derision . A Smile on the face , blossomed face express the emotions very Well . A wink of an eye may mean for the on – looker to remain silent

Fundamental tools of communication english, Forms of communication, Types of communication, Modes of communication english

B) Verbal communication

It is second most important fundamental tools of communication english. language is the most effective tool of communication A good speaker must speak in clear voice , correct language ; and the listener should also have no physical barriers to hear properly . He should have a fair knowledge of the language in which the process of communication takes place . It may be oral or written language , it is the widely used tool of communication.

It can be further classified as follows:

Mass Media/Print Media.The mass media , Comprises newspapers magazines , books , radio , film , television and more recently , satellite TV and cable TV . Mass Media is broadly divided into print media and electronic media . While the print media are the oldest , having a history of about five hundred years , the electronic media are products of the 21th century technological revolution.

All media are expensive and need huge organisations to collect process , formulate and disseminate information , VIEW entertainment and advertising to enormous , scattered , heterogeneous audiences simultaneously.

The Radio Our nation’s audience has grown manifold since it’s inception in the 1920s. The network has expanded a great deal and it offers a daily service for besides special programmes for children , youth, and farmers.

Television, unlike other forms of communication or Modes of communication english i.e mass media, has now become one of the most powerful media of mass communication.

Fundamental tools of communication, forms of communication, Tools of Communication, Modes of communication english

Internet And E-mail it is the best fundamental tools of communication english. It Known as the new media, internet is essential in nature. The Internet or the World Wide Web, has proven to be a revolutionary communication The most common use of the is for the exchange of electronic mail or e-mail It is a technique used for send; through electronic media using internet.

Smartphone and Blog:- It is another fundamental tools of communication english. Smartphones have excelled in the field of elect media, as a tool of communication. You can use it as fax, camera, radio etc.

Fundamental tools of communication, Forms of communication, tools of communication, Modes of communication english

Blog:  blog is a type of website  that is usually arranged in chronological order from the most recent entry at the top of the main page to the bottom of the old entries.




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