Holi Festival Celebrations:- What’s the Story of Holi Festival

Holi Festival celebrations:-In today’s scientific era the human has started on the moon. Undoubtedly, this is an unprecedented achievement of the 20th century man. Planning is to become a space station is also being made possible. Of course it is an extreme limit of human development of the brain. But for the proper development of human, there is a need to develop heart with the brain. Our festivals and celebration are special assistants in the heart. Celebrations generate feelings of simplicity, compassion, hospitality, service and benevolence in our mind.

This is the reason why a country like India gives more importance to festivals. The festival is the life and life of the caste. Each season brings some festival with you. Festivals Removes the despair of life and increases faith towards Indian religion, culture and great men.

Story Of Holi Festival Celebrations:- Holi festival essay

In the children’s lives, the festival sheds glee. The best way to generate Indianness in children is the festival and festival. Holi – Holi is a famous festival of India. Holi festival celebrations is one of the best joyful celebrations. It is celebrated with great joy and glee in all India. On the full moon day of Phalgun, special lively – initiative. People put color on their friends with great passion. And gullets on the face. Relation to the Season – This festival is also as associated with the season.

Basant is the arrival of the season, the spring season is spreading its unique beauty. Nature takes an unmatched beauty and makes its own makeup. There is an empire of fun around. People spray gulas and molasses on their friends to express their happiness and glee. Children and young people straddle in pucca and walk in the mohalla and paint colors on friends and relatives. To smile at friends

Waste your sister Holika in her lap and burn it. No sense will happen. Historical Background Hiranyakashipu King Big Atheist and Gha He prevented his son Prahad from chanting Ram. When all the measures have failed, he has assigned this task to his sister that the Holika will be saved in her lap, because there is no effect of fire on her. And Prahlad will burn. Thus, the punishment of the father will be punished. Holika did the same. With the desire of God, the dawn was saved.

Holi Festival Essay:-Who killed Holika?

By celebrating that day, this festival is celebrated every year. . The way to celebrate the festivities, the sky bounces around the day with the voice of ‘Holy Eye, Holy Eye’ around this day. In Uttar Pradesh, Roly-paws with Dholak and Manjeer have their color. Naraad and Swag are also arranged at night in many places.

| Trouble Today many people drink and riot this day. Many young people wear color on girls and girls and do obscene things. There are riots due to coloration in many places. This holy festival should be celebrated well. Drinking and rioting is bad. The government should maintain the dignity of this sacred festival. He specially looked after these boys and anti-social elements who wrestle girls with the help of Holi’s eye. Drinking alcohol and rioting. | Of history |

First of all, in the form of defense, do not protect the men – many instances of the formation of the formula, when war arises. On seeing that time, on seeing the time, the proof of this form of tyranny is also done in the form of a teacher and teaching, and in the yagna, there is a need for protection of the sage-great anybody on the occasion of yagna. Etihta did not kill her friend = 6 Sikandar – slaughtered by tying in the middle war between Poros.

Holi festival celebrations

Conclusion of Holi festival Celebrations

Holi is a holy festival and sign of truth to protect Suhag. Holi festival celebrations is an exictement festival where all the people across india enjoy fully with different colours , sweets. Winning is the awakened form of laughter and happiness. It is celebrated enthusiastically in villages and cities is . The villages are celebrated many days in advance. This festival in bruja Celebrating the festival celebrates people with great joy. Let us excite it every year. for more info go to:-https://ornatus17.com/

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