Namaste England movie cast review

Namaste England movie cast reviews

Director: Vipul Amrut Lal Shah

Producer: Vipul Amrit Lal Shah, Dhawal Jayantil Gada, Akshay Jayanti Lal Gada, Aashin A. Shah, Reshma Kadakia, Skilled Kantilal Gada, Firozi Khan and Sameer Chopra

Author: Suresh Nair and Ritesh shah

Cast: Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra

Music: Mannan Shah, Badshah and Rishi Rich.

Background: Prasad Sashte

Song: Javed Akhtar, Badshah and Master Rakesh singer: Atif Aslam, Vishal Dadlani, Shahid Mala, | Antara Mitra, Akash Bhandari, Badshah, Payal Dev, B. Parak Aastha Gill, Rahit Fateh Ali Khan, Alamash Faradi, Shadab Faridi, Sasha Tirupati and Mannan Shah.

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Namaste England sequel film Namastey london in 2007. Here are the Namaste england movie cast reviews ◆Producer – director Vipal Amrit Lal Shah, who was present at the Gujarati Theater, Vipul has worked on the small screen, from Dharwani Mahal Ho Sapan’s. Produced and guided many films, their directorials are ‘Aankhen’, ‘Chal 6 Race Against Time’, Namaste London ‘London Dreams” Action Replay ‘and now the movie is’ Namas The films produced by ‘Sihe Perfume Kig’, ‘Some Love Like’, ‘Force’, ‘Commando: A One Man Army’, ‘Holiday:: A Solane in Never’ Duty ” Force – 2 ‘ And Arjun Kapoor started his acting career with the movie ‘Ishq Jade’ in 2012.

Namaste England movie cast, reviews

Namaste England movie Cast

Actor Parineeti Chopra also acted in that film, after which the pair now appeared in the film. Arjun will give Aurangzeb Parineeti acted in ‘Ladies verses Rikki Bahl’ films, followed by ‘Ishqazade’, ‘Native Desi Romance,’ ‘,’ Hansi Phansi ‘,’ Davey Ishq ‘,’ Kill Heart ‘,’ Meri Dare Bind ‘and’ Golmal Agen ‘. The story of Param (Arjan Kapoor) and Jasmine movie ‘Namne Hangal’ is the ultimate (Parineeti Chopra).

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Namaste England Movie cast reviews

Namaste England movie reviews

In Ludhiana, there is love in Param and Jaspit, and both of them also get married. Both come lovingly as theirs because Jasmeet is influencing up, but only then an earthquake in both his life, he has to leave the ultimate to fulfill them, because Jasmeet had some dreams in his life and who loved Jasmeet a lot He also leaves the Ultimate for England and leaves for England.Near the ultimate Jasmeet, which again loves the two together so much that he also goes to England, looking at his love means, Jasmeet falls in surprise. Does he understand the matter of the supreme? Does he come back to India? What does the ultimate success succeed in celebrating? What is written in the fate of these two lovers? All this is shown in this movie i.e Namaste England 

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