Navratri Makeup tips|How to look Glamorous at Every Navratra

Navratri are filled with irresistible dance moves, Navratri makeup tips, and unending fun. It is an opportunity to look Gujrati traditional way in the evening when the weather is cooling down. Apart from the religious significance, the nine days festival is perfect time to get your jewellery, makeup, accessories and traditional outfits ready for navratri. Many people, in order to flaunt gorgeous looks try so navratri makeup tips and ideas, which turn out to be fashion faux Pas.

The festive season is here again. The nine day festival of Navratri is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm among Hindus. The festival has great religious significance where boys and girls are seen gearing up for Dandiya Night or ready for Gujrati Dandiya makeup, Garba Makeup, Dandiya hairstyles and puja pandals with a tremendous festive spirit.

Gujrati Dandiya makeup, Gujarati makeup tips, Garba makeup, Navratri makeup tips


Here are few handy tips about clothes, Gujrati Dandiya makeup, Gujarati makeup tips, Garba Makeup, Dandiya hairstyle, Dandiya night, Navratri makeup tips to look extra special while dancing to the beats of the Dandiya during festival season.

Gujarati Dandiya makeup, Gujarati makeup tips, Navratri makeup tips, Garba makeup

✓During festivals like Navratri, there are bright Lights. So, for your night makeup, you will need bright colours, otherwise your face will look pale.

First, cleanse the skin and apply a liquid moisturizer. For oily skin, apply an astringent lotion with cotton wool.

✓…Wait for few minutes. Then, cover blemishes with and then apply normal foundation on the entire face. If you wish to cover a pimple or spot, it should be done before applying foundation or powder.

Concealing sticks are available for this. Using a thin brush, paint over the spot with a little powder. Dot foundation on the face and blend with a damp sponge or with finger tips. Don’t forget the neck. Apply loose powder, or try compact powder to set the foundation.

Gujarati Dandiya makeup, Gujarati makeuptips, Navratri makeup tips, Garba makeup

✓ A hint of Blusher should be used on the cheeks. A powder blusher is easier to apply. Use it after you have applied powder. Apply on the cheeks and blend it outwards and slightly upwards. Then, apply light coloured high-lighter on the cheekbones. Blend well.

✓ For eyes, apply lighter brown shadow on the upper eye lid and dark brown eye shadow in the crease, to add depth. Outline the eyes with dark eye pencil or eyeliner. For a smudged effect, a dark eye shadow also works well on the upper lid, close to the lashes.

Extend it a little beyond the outer corner of the eyes, slightly upwards. Smudging can be done with a spone tipped applicator. Eyeliner or dark eye shadow may be applied on the lower lid and then smudged.

✓For Navratri makeup, you may want to try gold, silver, or bronze, shadow to line the eyes over your eyeliner on the upperlid. Highlight under the brows with gold, ivory or a light coloured eye shadow.

✓Then apply mascara. Roll-on mascara is easy to apply. While applying mascara on the upper lashes, look downwards. Apply it both above and below the upper lashes for a thicker look. Apply on lower lashes too.

Wait for a while and apply a second coat. Then brush out the lashes, the small eyelash brush. To make lashes appear thicker, apply powder between two coats of mascara.

Gujarati Dandiya makeup, Garba Makeup, Navratri makeup tips, Gujarati makeup tips


Gloss is popular for the lips. Use a lip liner the same colour as your lipstick. Apply lip gloss in the centre, after applying lipstick.

✓A bindi is an integral part of makeup for festivals. Look for a decorative bindi, to match the colour of your dress. A bindi, studded with small sparkling stones, combined with a bright colours would be most attractive.

So here are some few Navratri makeup tips I hope you like it and implement it too it’s really amazing and look more amazing when you applying it in Days of NAVRATRA.

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