Republic Day Indians celebrations:- Importance, History..

Republic day Indians celebrations on 26 January 1950

When India’s celebrating independence day-freedom from the British rule, the republic day celebrates of coming into force of its constitution. What does Republic day really means for indians? On this day, Indians hold their heads high. The flag holding ceremony taken place. It falls on Saturday in 2019. Army soldiers celebrates it in a major role. Schools, colleges prepare parade in stadium. Republic Day is a public holiday in India every year on January 26.

How do Republic Day Indians celebrations taken place?

Major Effort is put towards celebrations organising events at different areas. Large term of army soldiers parade in New Delhi and the state capitals. Awards and medals taken place. Republic Day Indians celebrates it in a very effective manner. Army forces receives bravery award. Helicopters from the armed forces fly roses petals on the audience, school children also celebrates republic day by organising such Grand event in stadium. Performing Dance, Singing, and parade. Flag holiday ceremony taken place. Patriotic songs were sing by school children.

Many children Receives gifts of sweets, toys, refreshments. A prime minister rally takes place prime minister give blessings to the people. Stores and shops or any other organizations closed or have reduce opening hours during celebrations.

Republic Day cause huge traffic and these may be increased security on this date, particularly in areas such as New Delhi and state capitals.

Symbols in Republic Day Indians celebrations Use?

Republic Day represents the true spirit of Indian people. Military parade, National flag are most important symbol on this day. Our National flag designed in three colours.

*Saffron on the top.

*White in middle.

*Dark Green at the bottom in equal proportions.

Importance of Republic Day Indians celebrations Role?

Republic Day Indian celebrations is most of the important day of every indian as on this day the republic day celebrates of coming into force of its constitution. Here are the most important things which we have to know about our republic Day:-

Self guided.

Emergence of the largest Democratic Nation.

First president Dr. Rajendra prasad took historic oath and this ceremony was history personified.

Indian constitution came into existence.


Republic Day is celebrated all over the india. Indians represent the true spirit. The awards and National flag ceremony taken place. On Republic Day Indians celebrations shows patriotic theme all over india.

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