Top 5 Indian Bloggers 2018|How much they earn from blogging

A blog is a discussion or information site published on the World wide web consisting of discrete entries. Indian bloggers help to promote blogs. Blogs can also be used as verb,meaning to maintain or add content to a blog. Through blog we can share information with a help of source i.e website. Through website we can promote our blog.

Indian Bloggers

Indian Bloggers: Top 5 Indian Bloggers


He is the 5 Indian blogger and he is the top USA based web architecture while doing architecture he started writing blog. His niche name is The basic idea of this blog is to write a complex concept in simple language so that the person can easily understand. The person who gets difficulties to understand the complex concept through this Blog everyone can understand the language. He started his work on 9 may and through his blog he can earn money maximum $3500 per month in Indian rupees I.e 2.5 lakhs. 9 years he has been started doing this. His website ranking all over india.

Rank in India:14797

Rank in global:119414


He left his corporate job and started doing blogging because she loves travelling and she create a travel blog and becomes travel blogger. She earned income around 2 lakh per month. He write all the information regarding travelling i.e where you have to go, where you have to eat, where you have to stay, giving information about beautiful places etc. Her website name is The-shooting

Rank in india: 35316

Rank in Global: 366823

Indian Bloggers


His website name is and He is the CEO of these firms. He started writing blog while he is in 2nd year and doing engerrning and he started with a view to earn maximum money through blogging. The first income of his is just 300 rupees. But now he is earning $10000 i.e 6/7lakh per month from blogging sitting at home and doing blogging.

Rank in India: 5171

Rank in global: 59692


He is an inspiration of all bloggers. His website name is His blog related to blogging only. He helps other bloggers in doing blogging for examples SEOtips, tags, keywords, WordPress, plugins etc. So if you wanted to create blog so you can take tips from this websites. He is the one where all bloggers follow him and decided to start career in this industry. He work in call center while doing this job he started doing blogging. His first income 500 rupees through his blog and currently he is the one who earned more of the money through blogging.

He earned 34,04,277 income in month.

$52000 in per month. He belongs to Delhi.

Rank in India:1162

Rank in Global:8561

Indian Bloggers


His website name is He is basically IIT passed out. He is in Hyderabad due to some family reasons and shifted back to Agra. He started blogging at 2014 and started guiding people. His currently earned income is 38,95,500 per month. He is the number one Indian blogger.

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