“TOURISM”- The Moving Force with Advantages and Disadvantages of tourism

          Tourism” simply means people travelling for fun. It includes activities such as camping, Adventuring, Climbing etc.

India’s tourism industry has made considerable progress in the last 50 years, though we are still a long way from achieving our goals. There are places in the far corners of india that have tremendous potential but remain undeveloped. This is mainly due to lack of suitable infrastructure.

It can generate employment opportunities for the locals and be an indirect source of livelihood to many others. Domestic tourism brings in revenue, while from international tourists, the country earns foreign exchange.

This revenue can then be utilised to restore the crumbling heritage to its former glory. It brings in renewal of our heritage and culture as well as renewal of our traditional cuisine. It is vehicle of restoration and conservation.

TOURISM:Lot of Reasons why people travel for Fun??

● Some people travel to spend some time with their family and friends to regain old memories.

● Some people travel to do an activities like camping,  Adventuring etc. Which they cannot do at home.

● People from cold places some times like to travel in the sun and relax under it.

● Some people travel to reduce stress as they get frustrated from their business routines or professional work.

TOURISM:-Why is important?

It has became a impotant term in life. The main benefit of tourism are income creation and generation of jobs.

For many regions and countries it is the most important source of welfare.

All over the world it is a great interaction between people of different countries and regions. Also it helps to reduce stress to interact with new people. It also enchance our knowledge.


Tourists spots like beaches, hill stations, historical places, religious. Tourists are also fond of participating in adventure games and swimming bouts.

There is need to put tourism on top priority and provide an investor friendly environment. Infrastructure should be developed and comfort, security, safety, and well-being of the tourists need to be ensured.


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