Weight control:Top Best Eating Tips To Control Weight with proper nutrition

Eating For Weight Control

Weight Control i know that every individual wants to look slim and trim so they always trying to learn some heathy tips unfortunately there is no good output. They always worry about their overweight.

So today i’ll show you some top best tips to control weight.

Before I started you have to know about your BMI i.e BODY MASS INDEX.

BMI helps to know weather he is underweight, normal weight, or overweight, thus accordingly diet and workout can be done to gain or to reduce weight. Here weight is considered in metres and centimetres; weight is considered in kilograms and grams. BMI is calculated by taking person’s weight (in kg and gm) and dividing by height (mt and cm) square, i.e., weight÷(height × height).

Highrer the figure, the more overweight is the person. This is just a guide to know overweight content in body. This test can be a preventive step towards obesity.

CATEGORY                   MEN             WOMEN

Underweight           lessthan20   lessthan19

Healthy range             20 to 25       19 to 24

Overweight range        26 to 30       25 to 30

Obese range    More than 30   More than30

Weight Control: –

A stable weight depends on a balance between the energy you get from food and the energy you use. You use energy during the day in three ways:-

● Energy expended during rest (basal metabolism).

● Energy used to break down food (thermogenesis).

● Energy used during physical activity and exercising, fat can build up. This leads to weight gain.


Weight control Tips:-

■ BALANCED DIET: Obese person should strictly take balanced diet with very less amount of carbohydrates and fats.

■ AVOID SPICY FOOD: Spicy food causes many health problems (diseases, illnesses, and disorder of body), so it should be avoided.

■ MEDICINE ONLY BY DOCTOR’S ADVICE: We should consult an expert doctor and follow his advice or prescription in case of health problems  (disease, illness, weakness, etc.).

■ AVOID FATS: Avoid fried food. Direct fats like butter, cream, ghee, animal fats, etc. Should not be taken. For the sake of taste , only refined oil or mustard oil should be used for cooking.

■ PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: An obese person should regularly perform physical activity and avoid sedentary lifestyle.

■ DRINK WATER: Drink lots of water , it prevents acidity and reduces the stress over kidney and stomach; moreover, it helps in cleaning the body waste.

■ REGULAR MEDICAL CHECKUP: We should regularly go for medical checkup  (every 6 months).

■ DO NOT FAST: Sometimes people do not eat to reduce weight. This leads to serious problems like tinting, pain in stomach, headache, vomiting etc.

■ MEALS IN SMALL SHIFTS: The diet should be taken in small shifts after some intervals rather than big heavy meals.

■ AVOID JUNK FOOD: Junk food is a high calorie food. Moreover, it causes many health problems. The food items like burger, pastry, chocolates, cold drinks, candy etc. Should be avoided.

Weight Control tips are very helpful for the overweight person, normal weight person, obese and underweight persons.

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