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World Consumer Rights Day is an occasion celebrated on March 15th 1962. The President of the USA, J.F. Kennedy declared the consumer rights publically. The purpose of this occasion is to pay attention to the rights of the consumers. The main aim of this project is to promote basic rights of the consumers and to ensure that these rights are respected and protected.

what are the consumer rights actually mean?
Consumer rights are generally a reference to a body of law that pertains to things the producers of goods must do to protect customers from harm.

Why is World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated?

On this Day, people around the World organised several functions and celebrated this day. Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan presided over the function in New Delhi. The main theme of the World Consumer Rights Day is to ”Making Digital marketplaces fairer”. Significance of this day is to:

1 Provides Opportunities to promote the basic Rights of all the consumers.

2 Consumers Rights must be respected and Protected.

3 It gives Chance to protest against market abuses and social injustices.

4 Protect against adulteration.

what are the Consumer rights and their functions?

Right to be informed.

Right to be Educate.

Right to safe.

Right to seek Redressel.

Right to be free.

Right to be protected.

Right to be heard.

Right to Complete.

Functions of the consumer Rights

  1. Right to be informed:- Consumer has fully right to be informed about quality of the product.
  2. Right to safe:- Consumer has right to protest against such hazardous product. Seller should provide good quality product to the consumer.
  3. Right to seek Redressel:- whenever consumer rights have been infringed.
  4. Right to be free:- consumer has full right to choose their product of their own choice. No seller can force him/her to buy good against their choice.
  5. Right to be protected:- consumer has full right to choose good quality product which cannot harm to them.
  6. Right to be heard:- consumer should heard all the decision making process about the consumer rights. they should know about all the rights.
  7. Right to Complete consumer education.

Conclusion of World Consumer rights Day

World Consumer Rights Day is very important day for the people across world. Every person should know about their rights to protect against such adulteration happening. If they see such kind of market abuses they can take such legal action to protect themselves from such hazardous products Because Health is Wealth.

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